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Welcome to the LPROA Website!

The LPROA Board of Directors uses this website to communicate with the LPROA membership.
It is not intended to be the definitive source for everything occurring at Lost Park, but it will provide a medium through which the Board can keep the membership more current. Please do your part to keep us current, too. Let us know of any change of address by sending us a change of address form

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fire ban graphic FIRE BAN fire ban graphic
in Lost Park Ranch

Please use caution and be aware of fire conditions.  To determine if there is a fire ban in effect, you may need to check more than one authority.

Upcoming Events in 2014

August 2, 2014 - 2014 LPROA Annual Membership Meeting and Potluck
at the Jefferson Community Center
Draft minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting are posted on the Newsletters and Minutes Page.
Meeting notice and Proxy for 2014 are posted in the 2014 Newsletter.

September 20, 2014 - Community Wood-Chipping Event
(see the CUSP information regarding preparation of piles at http://www.uppersouthplatte.org/chipper.html or contact lproa.org for more information)

LPROA Board of Director Meeting Dates for 2013-2014
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Contact a board member for time and location.

January 5 April 6   April 28 June 23
May 31 August 2*   August 3* September 8
* Annual membership meeting   * Annual membership meeting


Days when the TFC is stocking fish are "no fishing" days. Please refrain from fishing on those days.

mouse graphic Check the TFC website for further information.

Lost Park Emergency Telephone Contacts

Lost Park Ranch has full-time resident who has generously agreed to let other property owners
use their telephone in the event of a 911-type emergency.

Please be considerate of their privacy and only use their phones in the case of a 911 emergency!

mouse graphic Contact information (including bear and mountain lion problem contact information).